Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow
Education is beneficial when any course is done by the recognized institution/ organization. NIED EDUCATION COUNCIL is the autonomous board for vocational and industrial training and education it’s global educational development organization of combining excellence with innovation, places a high value on providing its students with a fulfilling educational experience in their closen career or discipline also the leading group of Institutions working globally with the aim to develop knowledge and skills of each and every person, and always willing to invent, innovate and renovate itself with the changing times. In continuation of its education service to the nation, It has become a pioneer in providing the best it education & training in collaboration with state and National Government or International authorities. Our prime goal of providing quality education to our students and the meeting the need for skilled it professionals in the country and out of India. The academic rigor propels them to acquire greater professional competence. They have also been exposed to training and real world projects.
A basic academic education is must for each and person, similarly in it industry, computer professional have opportunities to be a programmer, analyst operator, designer, accountant, teacher, program manager, office assistant, manager, director, business planner & many more.
Technological changes also demand that institutions must consider the market scenario, and adjust the contents and delivery of education matching the expectations of the business houses. So what defines our students, faculty and community members? Above all, it’s our belief in possibility and our unshakable optimism. It’s a connection to others near and far. It’s a hunger that pushes us to tackle challenges and pursue progress. It’s the conviction that together we can create a world of good. 
Join us on the journey and fulfil our aim and goal. My aim to educate every youth of my country with a high profile identity from every city, town, village of India.
I thinks that people they working to serve the society and educate people are always with better opportunity to presence as mentor of the society and self-development. It’s also the source to flow positive energy in every section of society to working for humanities and social awareness by the education and development profession. I also analyze many more opportunities in social and education sector always with me. I learned from the entrepreneurship that nothing is impossible in this universe but we have to find the problem issue and think about how can be solved and what plan we have for that and dream the profession/ occupation that make it easier, with a stronger plan it can be achieved as we wish.  A system that is made by me in this sector is always makes me and this service unique, I always work in my discipline and searching works something challenging after scrutiny of any project I have good communication skills to present it in front of people. 
I am sure that our student will find a pathway to a bright future to a closen career or any profession they also can get enough knowledge to face any demand and challenges that an employer may have on them. I wish for their great success and bright future and hope for their better tomorrow.
It is said that_
“When we wake up in the morning we have their two simple choices…. Go back to sleep and dream or chase that dreams…. Choice is yours.”
I am confident that you will find a pathway to a bright future in a closen career or profession with NIED.
With best regards
(D. Litt, Ph.D, MBA, MCA, M.Sc. -IT, MA- English, MA- Sociology, B.Ed, LLB, BA-B.Mus,)
(Director General, Registrar & Chief Executive Officer)
DIN : 07750785
Website : www.drdhanraj.in          
Email : info@drdhanraj.in